Whoops,Actually know that I Qiao Tianyu is a pheasant secondary school graduate student,Did you do enough homework?!

It seems that Dong Gongzi did come prepared,Not good!
Facing Dong Gongzi’s aggressive provocation,Professor Friedman was trembling with anger and was about to argue with him,But Qiao Tianyu took her arm,Speak confidently,“professor,Please let me come!”
After that, Qiao Tianyu turned to look at Dong Gongzi,“Director Dong,My Qiao Tianyu is indeed a graduate student of pheasant secondary school,But if you can’t even argue with me as a junior college student,There is no need to ask the old professor to go out.?”
“Whoops,Qiao Tianyu,You’re so big!”Dong Gongzi sneered at Qiao Tianyu。
“Don’t think that you will be arrogant after a few wins in the financial market,Today I will let you know what the real Keynesian school is!”
Dong Gongzi opened his posture,Continue the debate,“Qiao Tianyu,You answer my question first。”
“Professor Friedman has always claimed that the market is omnipotent,**Don’t interfere in economic activities,and1929year-1933The economic crisis of 2015 was the result of letting the market go,If not**Intervene in the economy,I’m afraid the world has been ruined by the market!”
“Haha,Nothing to say about this。”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shrugged,“Director Dong,I want to ask you,The Keynesian school advocates**Intervene in economic activities,Does that completely deny the existence of the market??”
“Of course not!”Dong Gongzi argued,“The disintegration of the Soviet Union with a fully planned economy a few years ago,Is the best example,Only plans without a market will not work at all!”
“That’s right,Since the Keynesian school also admits that the market is useful,Does not completely exclude the existence of the market,Liberal economism has not completely denied**The presence。”Qiao Tianyu argued。
“Liberal economism has always maintained**Interference in the economy as little as possible,Instead of not interfering completely,When the market fails,**Mediation!am I right,Professor Friedman?”
“Ok,Very correct!”Professor Friedman nodded,Cast an appreciative look at Qiao Tianyu。
“it is good,This matter is fooled by you。”Dong Gongzi’s face began to look hard,I know I have encountered hard stubble today。

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