“Mr. Liu Che,You can see,Our side is actually

Nothing to use。After you join in, it is basically the previous framework,I won’t even move you on the site。Even the place you hit in the future will be yours,Just changed the name of a club,And it’s taking orders from me。”Qin Feng is a little helpless。
But after speaking, I looked at Liu Che and said,“Besides,If you don’t agree,Finally, after I reached an agreement with the Black Hand,I will do it eventually。Don’t you think you can stop the cleaning of the black hands??”
“Yo,This is a threat?”Liu Che still laughs。But now he is also serious,“alright,Give me time to think about it。After all, Dahuangang is not my own,Still need to discuss with some important members。”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Seven Adan Chinatown
In the end, Qin Feng still didn’t force Liu Che,Didn’t mean to do it,Just left Chinatown。Although he also knows that Chinatown has other power distribution。But because I haven’t touched,Qin Feng didn’t bother to contact。
of course,If possible,Qin Feng is still willing to use their own people。At least there is no racial discrimination between them.。
One day later,Liu Che finally responded。they said,Let them join,But also need to clarify the rules。That is not to interfere in their internal affairs。
This so-called internal affairs is a bit particular。But in Qin Feng’s opinion,These are actually not important,Because even if Ah Dan’s underground forces are really integrated, will Qin Feng and Liu Xing stay here and work hard??Definitely not,What they want is very simple,Is to use the reputation of Godfather Adam to gain relative reputation。
If it’s just this reputation, naturally you won’t get any titles.。But it can be exchanged for other benefits。This year,Even some members,They all need money or connections to help them unblock the relationship,If you take this opportunity to succeed,Maybe they can get nominated and then.In the eyes of the king。
of course,The royal family of the Netherlands will definitely not give them a reward。Because the king and Liu Xing still met,I also know that this kid covets his little daughter。
Things will not go smoothly,But as long as you get enough official support,Then other royal families in Europe may respond。This year,Although Europe unites to form an alliance,But there will definitely be small contradictions inside。Maybe in the eyes of some royal families,Liu Xing and Qin Feng can become royal chess pieces,It may be possible to canonize something like this。
of course,This is the best development model in the plan。But both Qin Feng and Liu Xing know very well,Even this kind of best development,As a result, they were all used as pawns。But what does this mean?,As long as there are enough benefits,Both parties can use each other。
But now everything is just getting started,It’s even in the preparation stage,There is not even a stroke of the horoscope。
Inside Chinatown,Qin Feng and Luo Ben sat in the backyard of the pawnshop together。This time Qin Feng came here naturally to discuss the rest with Liu Che。

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