“He is our goal,I want him to accurately,Can you give me??”

“no problem,How do we find you??”
Su Wenqian took out a phone number and said to them.:“Two o’clock in the afternoon,Phone to this public call,I will wait for you there.,If I have a way to call you a car,I will tell you the secret.。”
Su Wenqian arranged in accordance with the meaning of killing God.,Zhou Dak Liang once again got a letter to see it.:“Be right,This is the handwriting of the big brother,It turns out that the big brother has already arranged.。”
“Then let’s listen to this Su Wenqian in the future.?”
“This is the will of the big brother.,How can we not listen?,Then, the person he wants to kill is also what we want to kill.,Don’t help him get a big brother?!”
“Then, don’t talk to Qi Qi?”
“Still don’t say,I always feel uncomfortable this Quru.,Especially for the buddy two Soviet people, this thing is too cruel.,I feel that he and the little devil have no difference.!”
“But he let us look at,Don’t believe in items。”
“Don’t listen to him!In the future, we must also be careful to prevent him.?Maybe he is a devil special agent?Otherwise he is from the devil documents,Also pretending to lie to two Soviet people?The Soviet Union can’t play when he ordered them to burn them.。”Zhou Da Liang said?
“What is it?,We really really be careful.?Don’t be sold by him.。”Li Nancheng said,
“so?Su Wenqian’s thing can’t let him know?If he found him, it is a distant scorpion.。”Zhou Da Liang said a few people said,
“Unfortunately, Xiaoman’s hoe.!”Lu Zheng young sigh,
“Yearning?Others can’t manage?Don’t remind her,In case, it is a devil special agent.,Not only we dangerous,The girl is definitely dangerous.。”Zhou Dadiang,
“I know?What we have not happened?,I don’t know anything.。”Lu Zhengnian still hopes to be ourselves?He is doing those things that have their own。
Zhuang Xiaoman, who is making a big meal, sneezing:Who is this?!
I looked at myself for a day in a table.,She is full of satisfying?This is the first time to cook for men.,I sincerely hope that the appetite of Jiu Ge。
I have smelled the smell of the meal.?Praise:“Really incense!I didn’t expect Xiaoman’s cooking cooking.!”
“Nine brother?Wash your hand to eat!I am busy for an afternoon.?Come to taste your taste。”
“I am really hungry.。”
The eating of Qi Rui Gounopteri made Zhuang Xiaoman happy:“Nine brother,I can be the first time to give a man.。”
“Oh?I am so honored.!It seems that I am not happy.。”
“You are not shallow.,How do you say that you are also a golden house?,Many people think that I am your woman.。”
“Uh-huh,It’s delicious to eat.!”Rui Rui is quish,
“If you love to eat, then you will eat it here.,I will give you every day.。”
“I want to live so comfortable every day.,What news is there recently boss??”
“no,The boss knows that Shanghai is more nervous,He won’t touch me easily.。”
“Um,Will you go smoothly??”
“Still more successful,I will work with those traitors that you said.,For example, Wang Fuzhen,Gu Chunhui, etc.。”
“Um,How is the mirror??”
“Recently she is very low-key,Many activities organized by the Japanese, she refused to participate in illness.,Japanese is very angry,But I didn’t look for her trouble.。”
“Let’s do a good relationship with her.,You will know the benefits later.。”
“What benefits?”
“You will know when you arrive.,Relationship is still maintained,Business should be stared too。”There is no business under the name of Zhuang Xiaoman.,But she has many shares.,It’s all rumored to make Du Yuyu,Golden Gong gave her。

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