Is it more efficient for men to jump up and work out?

Is it more efficient for men to jump up and work out?

It ‘s hard to find men ‘s clothing. When you approach the gym or morning exercise, you will find a phenomenon: Many female bodybuilders dance aerobics with passionate music, while on the other side are barbells, dumbbells and other equipment.Men tossing around.

There are very few men, or none at all.

  Some male bodybuilders who participated in fitness stated that the exercise choreography of the aerobics was overly choreographic, more feminine, and less masculine.

“My lover often does aerobics at home by herself. I also jumped and moved with her encouragement, but always felt like a dance performance without a sense of strength.

“” Women are doing aerobics, how can there be a man? ”

I feel uncomfortable even if I want to jump.

“Mr. Zhao, who is exercising in the gymnasium of the Provincial Gymnasium, tells some men’s minds.

It is precisely these recognitions that have made it hard to find male exercisers in the ranks of aerobics.

  Aerobics is gender-neutral. The definition of health means that it is in a perfect state in all aspects of body, psychology, and society, but just without disease, and fitness is to make us healthier.

“In daily life, many people have different fitness consciousness and fitness concepts, so blindly divide fitness programs into genders. In fact, almost all fitness programs are genderless.

Coach Changsheng told reporters that aerobics is a fitness method that combines physical and mental, and is a kind of aerobic exercise with rich rhythm.

By prolonged (more than 15 minutes) continuous exercise, the cardiopulmonary function is fully enhanced, and large muscle groups are also exercised, which has a good weight loss and shaping effect, and is also a good exercise for physical coordination.

The equipment training is an anaerobic training, its role is to build muscle and strength.

Therefore, if a male friend wants to exercise comprehensively, he must combine aerobic training with anaerobic training. Equipment training plus aerobics is a good combination.

  In fact, in terms of body structure, Chinese men are often more suitable for aerobics, and their suppleness and coordination are not very good, while aerobics can exercise flexibility and coordination well.

“I hope more male friends can join the aerobics and dance happily.

“It shouldn’t be too long to start, and aerobics may seem simple. In fact, everything should follow all fitness principles.

“Aerobics is particularly motivating, so many people often start with too much activity and activity time, and then start reducing activity time, which is obviously wrong.

“In the beginning, you should take steps and don’t be too careful to allow enough time for your body and lower limbs to adapt.

The starting time should not be too long, and 20 minutes is appropriate.

It is very important to warm up and exercise a part of the exercise before exercise, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

Beginners are advised to use two to three times a week, and then increase the number as appropriate.

“Don’t exercise indiscriminately because of freshness at the beginning, know that fitness is a long-term process.

“When doing aerobics, you should try to wear a sweat-fitting fitness suit. Change your sweaty clothes after exercise to avoid cold.

After exercise, do some contraction exercises before taking a shower.

“People who often do aerobics should pay attention to their feet, pay attention to the toenails, and pay attention to keeping the skin of the feet dry to prevent sweat from remaining in the toe seams and allowing bacteria to breed.