Hu Yang picked up two casually,As everyone guessed,To the female customer。

That woman smiled happily:“Handsome guy,Thank you!”
“You want to be friends with my brother!That’s naturally my friend,Should。”
The stall owner is stinking,Take your belongings and leave here with a sad look,These people just made him feel sick,I don’t want to face them for a second。
See this,The audience in the live room laughed,Watch Hu’s live broadcast,The most cool is this plot。Especially when the face beating expert,It’s so enjoyable。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty One Ivory fruit
stop looking,This calligraphy,The minutes written by Brother Hu are better。”Hua Zi said to classmate Zhuizi。
This japanese girl,I really can’t move when I see calligraphy and painting,Seriously affected everyone’s feet。
As soon as this word comes out,Suddenly look at Populus:“Hu Ge,is this real?”
In her opinion,Hu Ge Neng Jian Bao,Already very powerful。At least I have never seen a young man with such a strong ability at Jianbao。did not expect,Suddenly someone broke the news,Hu’s calligraphy is equally good,How not to be surprised?
“My calligraphy?Okay!”Populus did not boast,Casually answer。
Hua Zi didn’t allow Hu to keep a low profile,Keep saying:“Classmate Jiezi,Didn’t you watch Brother Hu’s previous live broadcast??His calligraphy,Even contemporary calligraphy is praised by everyone,Appreciate。and,Hu Ge’s calligrapher and Su Shi,Elder Tang said that Hu Ge’s calligraphy has the essence of Su Shi。We will soon,To participate in the calligraphy contest in the capital。”
Stunned,Who is Su Shi?Even the Japanese are familiar with them,Too famous in Japan。

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