Logically,She’s sorry mom,I should be the same as my mother and sister,The same hater is right,But I saw her,Without any grudge,Like her looking at herself with a smile,I also like her to gently touch her head.

Lu Yao is his other sister,Looks exactly like yourself,There is the heroic spirit between the eyebrows and the eyes,very beautiful,It’s just that bad temper that doesn’t dare to compliment,Very hot,Not like an aunt at all,Like a**package,It’s still the kind,Look in your own eyes,Full of cruelty and disgust,Can’t wait to tear myself。
But he just couldn’t help but want to get close to her,Want to go to school with her,Play games together,Even cause trouble。
He thought about it more than once,If a bad boy bullies her,He will protect her behind him like his sister,Raise your fist and beat those bad boys,Let everyone know,She is a girl with brother,Before bullying her,Think about the consequences。
but,Lu Yao, that stubborn girl,Not only is she not allowed to call her sister,Not allowed to tell their relationship,otherwise,Just beat him!
He is a boy,Taller than her,Stronger than her,Naturally stronger than her,But she shook her fist,Raise chin,I was not afraid that day,Let him retreat,Obediently,Dare not provoke easily。
once,He went to the teacher’s office to get teaching aids,Seen standing in the corridor,Looking at the sky and worrying about her。
original,School has to pay for materials,And she forgot to bring it back。
Overcast sky,The rumbling thunder from far to near,It will rain heavily soon,If you go out this time,Will be poured。
He can’t bear to see his sister suffer,And helped her hand in the money,Unexpectedly, his kindness completely angered her,I was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face,Dad didn’t come back from a business trip,Grandma is very angry,Must punish her severely。
How can I be willing to be punished??
That stubborn、Unconvinced、Fierce eyes,Make his heart sore,He is brother,Rough skin and thick flesh,Beaten by my sister,it’s not a big deal。
He forbids grandma to punish her,As always, silently protect her from behind,Until that happened。
After so many years,Lu Yao’s temper is getting bigger,But she has learned to control herself,No longer like when I was young,Any dissatisfaction,Written clearly on the face。
After returning home,Not even the jet lag,I went to her happily,I want to get in touch with her unfamiliar brother and sister,But she clearly recognized herself,But he didn’t even give him any more light,Like a transparent person。
Lu Liang stood beside her like that,Watch her smile,Hand out flyers one by one。
See her being scolded,Being laughed at,Disgusting,His heart is sour and rising,The daughter of the Lu family,My sister has been spoiled since childhood,I don’t know the hardships of life;Lu Yao as the eldest daughter,Strong enough to admire,It’s also pitiful to make people feel bad。

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