Since you have to lose money,Row,Today you don’t take out five thousand dollars,Don’t want to go。”

Say,The machete in your youth is directly in the neck of Li Hui Feng.。
And still shaking,The eyes flashed a contemptuous eye。
“Boy,Come to take money,Otherwise, I can don’t have long eyes.,I accidentally draw your big artery,It’s dead but it’s white.。”
That’s today, you will be disappointed.。”
Voice is just,Li Hui Feng directly out,Hold the hand-held wrist,Even straight forward,Then take the shoulder。
Be awkward A crisp sound,Li Hui is directly to the opponent’s wrist directly.,The machete in your hand is also。
Li Hui picked up a machete,Into my rack directly on the other’s neck。
“100,000 yuan,hurry up,Otherwise, you will prepare hell。”
This way’s reversal,No one wants。
Youth wrists were broken by Li Hui,Painful mourning,But after being separated from the wind directly on the body,Ji Human knows that Li Hui is not a joke.。
“Big brother,I have no money,I” “Looking for your brother。”
Said that Li Hui also pushed the youth。
The 674th chapter
Youth didn’t think that Li Hui lived, he would let him go.。
And Li Hui is the result of this.。
Just hit a person,Can’t afford to cause a sensational effect。
He wants to know the entire Red Rise County today.,His people can’t recruit,Don’t play things,He is not afraid of him,At least he is a dead。
Youth enters the store,It’s right to say hello to your brothers.。
Just just surrounded,I haven’t waited for someone to start.,Li Hui Feng is directly to move the first。
I have no one in the root of the root.。
Looking at the youth lying on a place,The Hu Shin on the car also has a car fighting facade. Lao Jia is also known for the first time, there will be such a rumor on the site.。
It turns out that everything is really,The boss will not only treat diseases,It is also a good hand.。
“I will take the money now.?
Why still want to find someone?”
Li Hui said this,Directly stepped into the store。
The previous youth did not expect that Li Hui Feng will be so fierce。
It’s a bit of fear of it.。
“I don’t have so much money.。”
Then you have not dead??”
This is said,Li Hui Feng’s machete is directly facing the young head.。
The youth is also scared, and it is called.。
At the same time, a smell is also filled.。
Li Hui Feng also didn’t expect it to scare the diaper。

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