Communication: bring the warmth of the motherland to the US overseas Chinese

  Xinhua Net Chicago March 21st (Reporter Wang Qiang) March of the United States, the mid-March, warm and cold. At this weekend that has just passed, the Lvignian Town Community Activity Center, near Detroit City, Michigan, bustling.

The on-site license service of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago attracted many overseas Chinese in Michigan.

  On the 16th, it is close to Friday, but the staff of the Chicago Consulate in Chicago have not take a break after work.

They rushed into 11 hours and rushed to the Lvignian layout.

  On-door certificate service site.

Xinhua Net (China Consulate in Chicago) is an early year of Saturday, the consuls are in the temporary certificate location, the more than 40 volunteers organized by the "Detroit Chinese Association" also busy, parking boot , Release, material pre-trial … Assist in the order of business. This certificate has an appointment of 350 numbers. In the past ten minutes of the online number of the online online, the quota was appointed.

  Nearly 100 elderly overseas Chinese for receiving pensions, consulsses and volunteers will provide them with a variety of conveniences and care for them to ensure that they will be handled as soon as possible.

  Liu Jun, deputy general of China in Chicago, introduced that 10 hours of tension, all-day accepted passport, travel license and health certificate and other types of application for more than 500 applications, and the number of overseas Chinese reached 1,500.

  On-door certificate service site. Xinhua Net (China Consulate in Chicago), Li San, who lived in Oxford, intends to return to the country in April, this time I drive for 1 hour to get the license site, and apply for travel.

She is very grateful to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago to send people to Michigan on-site office, otherwise it takes 10 hours to bring two children to and from Chicago. "We arrived at 11 o’clock in the convention, and the queue is almost half, and the staff who helped me have a certificate haven’t finished lunch. It is really very hard!" She said, "the people living overseas I think the speaker represents the motherland. It is our mother. "On the official website of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, the schedule for the surrounding the guests to provide the door-to-door service, which has been ranked in October this year.

Consulsia will also travel to Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and other states, to the warmth of the motherland for overseas Chinese.

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